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Silence: What should you do when God seems distant?

Silence is not always golden. In fact, sometimes it is very painful. The psalmist often records a song that begins with a cry to the Lord, asking where He is and why doesn’t he answer. We have all felt that way at times in our lives - when God is on mute. I don’t know what you do and how you process that, but it is an important matter to address in the Christian life. God is not at our beck and call. He is not merely there to respond to our demands and requests. He has other interests in mind; namely His Kingdom. What does that mean exactly?

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What if...?

Have you ever had those “What if” thoughts? What if I could get a better job? What if my marriage was better? What if my children were walking with God? What if I had the means to do something big? And on they go. Many of our “What if’s” are of past regrets. What if I had gone to a different college? What if I had married someone else? What if I had not lost money in the stock market?

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