Born Identity - Who We Are In Christ

Guest Speakers

Songs of Summer - Psalms

2019 Missions Sermons

Mother’s Day / Father’s Day - 2019

Good Friday & Easter

Jeremiah: Living By Faith in Tough Times

Global Impact Week - “Wake Up to Kingdom Awareness”

Life @ FAC - This Is Us

2019 Theme for the Year - God is Greater

Who is Jesus - Advent 2018

Who is Jesus? We will take several looks as who Jesus is. When we look at the manger, what child is this who was there? He’s someone greater than we see at first glance. We will look at Jesus: He Was… He is… He will…

40-Day Prayer Challenge

The following sermons were part of our “40-Day Prayer Challenge”. God has given us an amazing resource that allows communication with Him. To not avail ourselves of this resource is to rob ourselves of seeing God work in our lives and in our world. 

Sermon on the Mount

In this series, Pastor Steve takes us through some significant thoughts about the most important sermon ever preached. How is life in the kingdom supposed to look? This series explores the answer to that question.