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Stay in touch with what's going on at Fulton Alliance! Whether you missed a service, have a friend who needs to hear a sermon, or want to go back to a sermon you heard last year, you can listen to it here.

Devotional and Studies

You may not need a devotional to encourage you in your walk, but if you want to have something that encourages you or that you can direct a friend to, you can find one here. There are Bible studies that may be helpful to you, as well. (These will come from: with their permission)

Grace Ministries Library

This website is available to everyone in our church and can be shared with others who aren't attenders of Fulton Alliance. It has studies and resources that can be helpful to all ages. There are even some videos that can be used educationally with your family. Click on the link and use the username and password, as indicated below:

Username: fac

Password: fac

The Bridge

The Bridge is our monthly newsletter with articles and information you may find interesting, or informative. Feel free to share it with others.


A collection of articles with rich advice and helpful encouragement will be added periodically to this site.