Week 5 - Preparing for Jeremiah 8-9

Review – Monday – March 25

Looking back at Jeremiah 7, what stood out to you?

Review – Tuesday – March 26

When you see how the people responded to the warnings that Jeremiah was giving them (vv. 4-11) what stands out to you in how they were rationalizing their actions?

Review – Wednesday – March 27

How might we be inclined to believe that our “right actions” will counteract our “wrong actions”?  Does it matter?

Prepare – Thursday – March 28

Read Jeremiah 8:4-13 – what was their condition?

The people of Judah are depicted as being stubborn and choosing their own path, almost recklessly.  How are they compared with the animal kingdom?

Read Jeremiah 8:14-22 – what were the results of their condition?

Prepare – Friday – March 29

Read Jeremiah 9:1-16 – What was God going to do to the people of Judah?  What were the reasons for this?

Read Jeremiah 9:17-26 – What was the refinement intended to accomplish? 

Prepare – Saturday – March 30

Consider: How has God used refinement in your life? 

Meditate on Jer. 9:24 – what do you learn from this verse?

Steve Nehlsen