Week 4 - Preparing for Jeremiah 7

Review – Monday – March 18

Think back to Jer. 3.  What are you beginning to see regarding the heart of God? 

Review – Tuesday – March 19

Re-read Jer. 4:1-4 – What is God looking for? How are you cultivating a heart that is prepared to be productive and teachable?

Review – Wednesday – March 20

Re-read Jer. 5:1-3 – What is God looking for?  Do you see yourself as such a person?

Prepare – Thursday – March 21

Read Jer. 7:1-8 – Where is Jeremiah proclaiming the Word of the Lord and why do you think it was there that he was sent?

Why is the repeated phrase “the temple of the Lord” deceitful?

What does it imply?  Why is it repeated 3 times? Vv. 8-10 might offer some clues.

Why were the people of Judah confident God would not act?

Prepare – Friday – March 22

Read Jer. 7:12-20 – What do you know about Shiloh?  Read Joshua 18:1 and 1 Samuel 4:3-7 for some background.

What does God say he is going to do?  What does he mean?

Prepare – Saturday – March 23

Read Jer. 7:21-8:3 – What do you picture is happening here?  What does “spreading out to sun, moon, and stars” imply?  Circle the words that are used in regards to their worship of these. – v. 2

Steve Nehlsen