Week 3 - Preparing for Jeremiah 3-6

Review – Monday – March 11

Think back to Jer. 2. How are you prompted to stay close to the Lord after seeing what God said to the Israelites?

Review – Tuesday – March 12

Read Jer. 2:1-3.  How did God describe the early years of his romance with Israel?  Do you remember the first years of walking with Jesus?  What was that like?

Review – Wednesday – March 13

As you think of the things that stole the heart of Israel, what are the things that would likely distract you in your love for the Lord?

Prepare – Thursday – March 14

Read Jer. 3:6-10 – How is Israel’s relationship to God described? Read James 4:4 – What does that look like in our day?

Prepare – Friday – March 15

When you read Jer. 3:7, what does it tell you about the heart of God?

Prepare – Saturday – March 16

Read Jer. 5:1,2 – What does God ask Jeremiah to do?  Why does it matter to God if he can find a couple of faithful people?

Steve Nehlsen