Week 2 - Preparing for Jeremiah 2

Review – Monday – March 3

Reread Jer. 1 – what stands out to you about God’s call on Jeremiah?  How does it encourage you today?

Review – Tuesday – March 4

“Fear thou not” is found 365 times in the Bible.  What does that tell you?  That’s a word for each day of the year – “Don’t be afraid”.  How does that make you feel?

Review – Wednesday – March 5

As you think of Jeremiah’s calling and his excuses, are there any excuses you are holding on to?  Isn’t it time to let God take those away?

Prepare – Thursday – March 6

Read Jer. 2.  Jeremiah uses a lot of imagery and poetic language.  What 10 symbols represented God’s rebellious people?  How was each one an apt description?

Prepare – Friday – March 7

What do these symbols suggest about God’s attitude towards sin? Sticking with the imagery – what image (positive or negative) comes to mind when you think of your relationship with God?

Prepare – Saturday – March 8 

Read Jer. 2:14-19 – What did Israel do that led to their apostasy? Look for key words.  What can we learn about seeking the Lord and staying close to Him?  Key in on v. 19.

Steve Nehlsen