“It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way” is a book by Lysa Terkeurst.  I’ve been reading it and was thinking about our upcoming sermon series on the prophet Jeremiah.  If there was ever anyone who would want to make that statement, and who should make that statement, it would be Jeremiah.  After all, who receives a call to serve God and is told that he will serve, but that his audience won’t listen?  If you read through the book of Jeremiah and his story unfolds, you have to be struck with the things he encounters at the hands of the people.  He’s trying to warn them and they threaten his life.  God asks him to do some pretty strange things as an illustration of God’s message, only to be made fun of or threatened again.

                So, how does that apply to you and me?  I think when I look at Jeremiah’s life and this concept of life not intended to be “this way”, I wonder if we have it all wrong.  Maybe it was intended to be “this way” – difficult and different from what we picture.  None of us like the disappointments that come in our lives.  Life tends to turn out differently from the way we pictured it.  So, if life does come at us in this way, what should be our perspective?  As Lysa says in her book, “Disappointment isn’t proof that God is withholding good things from us.  Sometimes it’s His way of leading us home”. 

                How do you respond?  Many I have observed tend to let the disillusionment and disappointment isolate them – exactly where Satan wants us.  As he did with Adam and Eve in the garden, he calls us to question the goodness and intentions of God and to seek to take control of our situations and promises us that things will be better that way.  Many have pursued that route only to find it unsatisfactory.

                That’s where Jeremiah comes in.  I find in Jeremiah one who shows us how to walk by faith and in obedience in the difficult times – for 40 years!  And I mean difficult times.  I hope you will join me in church or on the website and follow this study with me.  I’m looking forward to God’s lessons, with help from Jeremiah.  There will be study guides prepared every week to help reflect on the past sermon and prepare for the next one.  They will be on the website, as well.

Steve Nehlsen