Discipleship is all about passing our faith onto the next person—that has been God’s vision from the beginning to His final revelation.

God’s expectation has been that one generation would faithfully transfer their faith to the next generation until the knowledge and glory of the Lord fills the earth. It has always been understood that our mission is to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:27–28) until every nation, tribe, people and tongue are represented in that great multitude (Revelation 7:9–10). He continues to look for a generation that will faithfully pass the baton of faith onto the next generation.

Fulton Alliance Church uses aluminum relay batons engraved with the phrases “D1SC1PL3S: Matthew 28:18-20” and “1 + 1 = 3.” Our elders and several people within the congregation are picking up their batons of faith to begin discipleship relationships. We are using the new material developed by Francis Chan and David Platt called Multiply. This is not a fill-in the blank discipleship program, but conversational life-on-life mentoring material. The twenty-four lessons are meant to be shared over the life-cycle of the discipleship relationship with the understanding that when the relationship concludes the disciple-ee becomes the disciple-er—when the baton has been passed. The “unknown” next disciple is the third person that makes our 1 + 1 equation equal 3.